Funeral and Memorial officiating

Customized funeral officiating by Sarah E. K. Lentz, M.Div.: specialist in nonreligious and interfaith spiritual services

Picture of Sarah E. K. Lentz leading memorial service

In today’s society. we rarely talk about death and dying, so when it happens, we often don’t know where to turn. Should we call the pastor from the church we left years ago? Should we try to create our own memorial from scratch? From my days as an interfaith hospice chaplain, I am well-aware of how challenging these moments can be. In response, I offer something in-between the religious and do-it-yourself options: customized funeral and memorial officiating, inspired by my spirituality and Connectedness research.

I have a Master of Divinity–the same degree many pastors get–from Harvard Divinity School, but I personally identify as nonreligious. Based on my education and experience, I’ll work with you to create a personalized funeral or memorial that feels meaningful at a level of religiousness suited to the person and community we are honoring.


Please note: Red indicates I am unavailable or already booked for that date, and although green suggests availability, it does not guarantee availability, so please contact me to schedule your event as soon as possible.
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Custom Funeral Package 2019:

Custom Funeral Ceremony: $150

Rehearsal (optional): $60

Family Spiritual Counseling (optional): $60 per session

Travel Costs: No extra cost up to 30 miles from Arlington, VA (see note below)

Total: $150+

Please note: I live in Arlington, VA. I will drive a 30-mile radius around Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC for funerals and memorials at no extra cost. I also spend several weeks a year in Kelowna, BC, Canada and I would be happy to accommodate a request in that area if I happen to be visiting. If the request is outside the DC area or not during one of my trips to Kelowna, travel expenses will be charged in addition to my fee. This will all be made clear before you book—there are no hidden fees!