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Choosing a wedding officiant can be challenging, particularly if you are not involved in a religious community. Do you find a pastor and possibly compromise on the language of your ceremony? Or do you have a friend officiate and hope that they know what they are doing? When I was getting married, I wished there was something in between–an officiant who was experienced but not religious. I couldn’t find this, so I ended up writing my own ceremony that blended tradition with modern language, and now I provide this service for others. 

Using Connectedness as a framework, I offer customized wedding ceremonies ranging from traditional to interfaith to non-religious–and sometimes a combination of all three–because choosing an experienced officiant doesn’t need to come at the expense of personalization. 

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Funerals / Memorials

Death is something we don’t talk about much in our society, so when it happens, we often don’t know where to turn. Do we call the pastor from the church we left years ago? Do we try to create our own memorial from scratch? I recognize how challenging these moments can be, so I offer something in between the religious and do-it-yourself options: customized funeral and memorial officiating, inspired by Connectedness. 

I’ll work with you to create something personalized, that feels meaningful at a level of religiousness suited to you and the one we are honoring.

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Connectedness Coaching

Looking to improve your Connectedness, but don’t know where to start? Or maybe you know where to start, but you want to go deeper? Alternatively, are you struggling with your religious identity? Or struggling to find purpose and meaning in your life? Connectedness coaching can help address all these concerns and more. 

I provide an open, nonjudgemental, and confidential space for exploring issues related to religion, spirituality, happiness, and what it means to be human.

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MY Qualifications

In the era of “fake news,” it is important to know where we are getting our information and why someone is qualified to help, especially around big life events like weddings and funerals, and sensitive topics like mental and spiritual health. 

Education. I have a Master of Divinity from Harvard, during which I studied a variety of religious traditions while focusing on creating meaning with non-religious individuals using non-traditional methods. I also learned how to create and officiate religious (and non-religious) services like weddings. In addition, I have a Bachelor of Arts in psychology from UBC, during which I studied counseling, coaching, mental health, and subjective well-being. 

Personal Experience. I wrote my entire wedding ceremony, drawing on traditional influences while reworking the language to fit my husband’s and my beliefs.

Work Experience. I currently work as an interfaith hospice chaplain at a hospice company in Northern Virginia. I provide psych-social-spiritual counseling support and funeral/memorial officiating for patients and families on our service. The wedding, funeral, and coaching services I offer through Science of Connectedness are a freelance version of my hospice work, but for a broader clientele.

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Please note: I live in Arlington, VA. I will drive a 30-mile radius around Northern Virginia and throughout Washington, DC for weddings and funerals at no extra cost. Beyond that, travel expenses will be charged in addition to my fee. This will all be made clear before you bookthere are no hidden fees! Connectedness coaching can take place in person or over video chat. 

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