Spiritual Counseling and Coaching

Spiritual Counseling and Connectedness Coaching for individuals, couples, and families looking to improve their spiritual health

Sarah E. K. Lentz sitting on white couch, legs crossed, head resting on right hand with right elbow on right knee, looking into camera

Caring for our spiritual health is as important as caring for our physical and mental health–if not more important. Yet, many of us do not prioritize our spiritual health or even know where to start–particularly Religious Nones. Besides my blog of research-based spiritual health tools, I offer counseling and coaching to help you better care for your spiritual health.

Spiritual Counseling

My spiritual counseling sessions are like chatting with a friendly pastor (chaplain, rabbi, priest, imam, etc.), except without the theological restrictions. You bring your own spiritual and religious ideas, I provide the open, non-judgemental, and confidential space for exploring them. Share your fears, frustrations, hopes, goals, and big existential questions. Feel free to criticize religion or share that you love it. You set the topic, I provide the active listening and sounding board based on years of education and experience in the field of spiritual health. 

Spiritual counseling can be used to help you make spiritual meaning out of a challenging experience, to help you explore your religious identity, or as a stepping stone toward deepening your spiritual health through Connectedness Coaching.

Appointments are available for individuals, couples, and families, and are booked as needed (like regular counseling). Available in-person or through video chat. Texting support is available through Voxer after the first session.

Connectedness coaching

Looking to improve your spiritual health, but don’t know where to start? Or maybe you know where to start, but you want to dive deeper? Connectedness Coaching is a structured method for jumpstarting and strengthening your spiritual health. Expect a-ha moments, an increase in joy, and a deeper sense of meaning in life.

I created the Connectedness Coaching program based on the research I conducted at UBC and Harvard (including my definition of spirituality and the Connectedness Evaluation) as well as other research from positive psychology (happiness studies), habit psychology, pastoral care, and business leadership. 

In the first session, I diagnose your current spiritual health and create a prescription customized to your beliefs, interests, and lifestyle. In our follow-up video chats, I provide a nonjudgmental and encouraging space for you to explore your progress and adjust your goals to make meaningful and lasting changes. I also provide optional support and accountability through Voxer (a free texting and voice messaging app).

My Qualifications

I have a Master of Divinity from Harvard as well as a Bachelor of Arts in psychology from the University of British Columbia. I have studied spiritual health, positive psychology, life coaching, counseling, and pastoral care. My previous experience includes working as an interfaith hospice chaplain and as a researcher of spiritual health, happiness, and end-of-life care. I specialize in providing spiritual care for Religious Nones (i.e., those with no religious home), but I am open to working with people of all religious identities.