Wedding Officiating

Customized wedding officiating by Sarah E. K. Lentz, M.Div.: specialist in nonreligious and interfaith spiritual services

Sarah E. K. Lentz officiating an interfaith wedding. Muslim bride in traditional dress, Christian groom in military outfit

If you’re not part of a religious community, choosing a wedding officiant can sometimes feel like you have two less-than-ideal options:

  1. You could choose a traditional religious leader and possibly compromise on the language of your ceremony.
  2. You could ask a friend to officiate and hope they know what they’re doing.

Having faced this conundrum during my own wedding planning, I now offer my services to couples in similar situations: nonreligious and interfaith wedding officiating by someone with the education and experience of a traditional faith leader.

I have a Master of Divinity–the same degree many pastors get–which I received from Harvard Divinity School, but I personally identify as nonreligious. Based on my education and experience, I provide customized wedding ceremonies ranging from traditional to interfaith to nonreligious–and sometimes a combination of all three.

I like to incorporate ideas from my research on spiritual health and Connectedness, but I also customize each ceremony based on the couple’s backgrounds and preferences. My goal is to create ceremonies that feel meaningful and sacred while remaining authentic to the couple and their community. Although I primarily work with Religious Nones, I am open to working with people of all religious affiliations as well as all cultural backgrounds and sexual orientations.

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Please note: I live in Seattle, WA. I offer weddings within the city-bounds at no extra cost. If the request is outside Seattle, travel expenses may be charged in addition to my fee. This will all be made clear before you bookthere are no hidden fees!

I am unfortunately unable to offer wedding officiating in Canada at this time.

COVID19 UPDATE: I am not currently offering officiating in person, but will consider requests for later in 2021 once vaccines are widely distributed. Contact me to discuss this option.